Beyond The Beach - The Hell And The Hope - Film - On Amazon Prime. From War-Torn Regions To Migrant Crisis, Witness Harrowing Challenges And Unwavering Hope
Beyond The Beach
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A powerful story of hope confronting the civilian woes fleeing the terror of an ISIS overrun Iraq, brutal violence in Afghanistan before Kabul's infamous international evacuation, to the tragic migrant humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean. BEYOND THE BEACH THE HELL AND THE HOPE A DOVER STREET FILM cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper


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The People

Meet the doctors, nurses, rescue workers and logisticians who have dedicated themselves to helping those in desperate need of assistance across the World, from the war zones of Afghanistan to the graveyard of the Mediterranean.

The Filmakers

Meet the team behind Beyond The Beach – The Hell & The Hope. From Director Graeme A Scott and Academy Award Winning Cinematographer Buddy Squires to Executive Producer / Producer Kathy A LoPrimo and Story Editor Sarah Kerley-Burton.